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4 November 2022

Lydinge Resort Conference Centre (Address: Lydingevägen 1, 265 75 Hyllinge) 
 Ly-Ros Farm (Address: Lydinge gårdsväg 23, 267 90 Bjuv)

This workshop aims to provide an insight to the importance of healthy soils in agriculture and food systems. Examples of sustainable agricultural practices in Sweden will be presented. Discussions will focus on the needs (i.e. competency, supporting regulatory/financial/institutional frameworks etc.) to scale up sustainable agricultural practices for healthy soil and human prosperity.


* Site visit in the afternoon is subject to the weather conditions. If the weather does not allow, the afternoon session will continue in Lydinge Resort Conference Centre

This workshop is organised within the EIT Food financed GrowWorkshop and PostHarvest projects and in collaboration with Lund University BIOECONOMY Graduate Research School , Bjuv Food Valley and Swedish Agricultural University, SLU.
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