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Module 1 - Rethinking agriculture: soil, ideas and actions

06 november 2021

Soil plays a crucial role in the enjoyment of agriculture.

In order to know and act to preserve soils and ensure a safe and healthy food production, this session frames the evolution of soils in Europe in the next 10 years. In this sense, the main challenges and opportunities arising from the new policies of the Common Agricultural Policy are addressed.

This initiative reflects an integrated strategy that highlights the fundamental role of the vast ecosystem that begins beneath what we walk on, the food we produce, agricultural profitability and human well-being.


In this way, the plans designed by the EU are presented, in order to raise awareness of the importance of the topic and highlight the new perspective and opportunities in the new policies, namely the European Ecological Pact and the Meat to Plate Strategy.

What is a soil?

What is a soil anyway? It is an extraordinary world of life and components that support millions of micro-organisms.

These micro-organisms form a perfect balance between humans and soil through the services they provide.

These sessions provide practical insight into how you can examine and monitor soil evolution and adapt agricultural production in a sustainable way.

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Local partners

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Module 2 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

27 november 2021   


​The Bioeconomy on farms:


Opportunities and challenges

Innovation and entrepreneurship are an increasingly necessary reality in agribusiness, inserted in an increasingly interrelated value chain, whose entrepreneurial vision is essential for the development of sustainable businesses.

Small and large companies are increasingly betting on innovative and entrepreneurial practices in order to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

​Morning session:

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  • Discover new ways to monetise agricultural production and bring added value to agricultural and agro-industrial waste. The potential of the bioeconomy and circular economy is based on the exploitation of waste and the creation of value, which translates into new products, services and processes

  • Presentation of the Spanish case of holistic integration of sustainable practices, biodiversity, tourism, gastronomy and high quality products: Castillo de Canena

  • The importance of the value chain, an integrated and interdependent system where we can all contribute to the sustainability of the food sector and benefit from it

  • The role of venture capital in the primary sector. Investor perspectives and valorisation points of new projects in agribusiness

Afternoon sessions

In the afternoon, there were three parallel sessions:

1. Entrepreneurship support platforms: initiatives and acceleration programs that allow fostering the development of new businesses in the agricultural sector.

2. Projects and start-ups with influence in the agri-food sector. 

3. Workshop on ideation in agribusiness identifying opportunities and challenges that culminated with the presentation of a final pitch.

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