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Module II
Entrepreneurship in sustainable agri-business

The second module of the EIT Food Grow Workshops was integrated in the annual event i-Danha Food Lab that brought together agri-food stakeholders united in the willingness to accelerate the revolution in food systems.


During the i-Danha Food Lab, a paralel session was dedicated to Module II of the Grow Workshops 2022. In this session, participants interacted with experts on:

  • what are the trends and opportunities for European and Portuguese agrifood sectors in 2030,

  • the new mind set of using innovation as a driver to reformulate education system to adapt to new social and environmental issues,

  • discuss the transition from conventional to organic systems and

  • the importance of sustainable food across the value chain. 

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Module I
Regenerative Farming

Agenda Grow Workshops.png

The "Grow Workshops - Regenerative Agriculture: Case studies from the Portuguese territory", 2022 edition were dedicated to practices in Regenerative Agriculture.


The aim was to debate and rethink the techniques currently used in the fields and explore new potentials and technologies that will help optimize businesses and promote soil and food quality.

Grow Workshops are educational and free sessions.

The following agenda was presented during the sessions:

Programa geral GW 2022.jpg

For more information:

Cláudia Costa

Operations Researcher

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